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Which Adult Coloring Books Should You Purchase?

"Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons." - Al Hirschfeld

Coloring books have managed to make their way from the kiddie aisles to the best selling sections in bookstores. Why? Adult coloring books have served to reduce stress and anxiety while establishing an amplified sense of peacefulness. By utilizing these creative books, you can even become more engaged with mindfulness. Meditation is similar to coloring because both acts involve a more central focus which can eliminate pervading thoughts and free floating anxiety.

Below is a list of my favorite coloring books to help you choose which would be best for you!

For the Traveler:


This coloring book is sturdy and small which makes it absolutely perfect to travel with. The pages are not incredibly detailed making it easy to de-stress on the go!

For the Naturalist:

For the Lover of Simplicity:

I purchased this book as part of a local event in Manhattan and absolutely fell in love with it. Each page is drawn by a different art therapist from New York who provides a bit of insight on their experiences in the profession. The images in the book are all distinct and simple compared to coloring books that focus on the more complicated patterns.

For the Lover of Complexity:


This coloring book is definitely for those who admire intricacy and details. I use this book when I am in a determined mindset as well as when I have a solid hour or so to dedicate to coloring. Finishing a page in this book will absolutely make you feel like a champion!

For the Potty Mouth:


This book is meant for those days that have you tied up from road rage, an overbearing boss or forgetting your umbrella at home on the day of a thunderstorm. It's a great way to let out that anger in a productive way that also happens to look pretty f*cking cool.

For the Wizard:

This book is not for your average muggle. Coloring in these designs immediately brought me back to my childhood. A tip I would give to anyone who buys this book is to play the Harry Potter Soundtrack in the background.

For the Mermaid:

I am a lover of all things oceanic so this book was right up my alley. I actually received this book 4 times from friends as a gift so I have definitely immersed myself in this book countless times. Some pages are more complex than others so it's a perfect mix of under the sea designs!

For the Disney Princess:

For the New Yorker:

You don't have to be a New Yorker to love this book. The images are all hand drawn so it makes the final piece look more personal. This book wonderfully captures some amazing spots in New York that are absolutely worth the spotlight.

For the Meditator:

The mandala designs in this particular coloring book are so relaxing. The pages vary in complexity so it offers a wide range of options. Light some incense and pour yourself a nice cup of hot herbal tea so you can achieve a wonderful state of mindfulness with this book!

For the Animal Lover:

I personally adore this book because it encompasses animals from all over. Each animal is transformed into a beautiful design and by the time you're done with your page you will *without a doubt* want to hang this on you wall.

For the Optimist:

This book makes all of your creations look straight out of a Pinterest board. The pages are fun, detailed and definitely coloring in this book puts me in a more glass-half-full kind of mood. This is basically my go-to for whenever I'm feeling under the weather.

Moral of the story: Coloring books are individually unique, awesome and beneficial. Give them a shot if you haven't already - You won't regret it!


lauren amigo

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